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Colorado Discoveries 31: Crested Butte Ski Resort

Standing at the top the Red Lady lift. The lifts at Crested Butte are named after former Colorado mines.Our family took a Spring Break trip at the end of March to Crested Butte, Colorado. It’s home to Mt. Crested Butte Ski Resort, which is a family-friendly, classic ski resort, a far departure from the day-tripper-friendly ski mountains we’d been visiting this season. Enjoy the pictures I took with my brand new iPhone 5S’s kick-butt camera!

Why did we pick Crested Butte? Frankly, I’m not quite sure. I think I had started with Jacob’s 5th grade ski pass and checked out the list of resorts at which he had free skiing. Dave and I discussed how far we were willing to drive, and we made a point to avoid the resorts right off I-70: we felt we could get just as fabulous a ski experience sticking to the southern resorts. We had narrowed ourselves down to Crested Butte or Wolf Creek.

This is the Crested Butte, which is the profile used in the resort's logo. The peak had quite a personality; I could have watched the clouds over it all day.

Crested Butte had a number of family-friendly lodges nearby and I did some pricing. I decided — in a rare move — to talk to the Grand Lodge on the phone rather than booking online because I wanted to get some information on bringing pets. I had a stroke of good luck when I found out in the conversation that the Grand Lodge had a 15% military discount, which saved us over $100 for the visit, and more than made up for the cost of bringing Howie with us.

We took our time driving through the Royal Gorge and across the Monarch Pass. It was a gorgeous day, and we had a very lovely drive.

The hotel was quite nice. Being that we have two kids and a dog, we weren’t looking for the lap of luxury necessarily. We appreciated the complimentary concierge service for our ski equipment and free parking. Our room had a king bed and pull-out sofa, along with a small fridge/freezer, single burner stove, and sink so we could eat some meals at the room. The rooms were clean and elegant, and Howie was allowed to remain in the room uncrated without the humans necessarily being there. Many hotels don’t allow that anymore.

IMG_8710We took the town’s free shuttle buses (with most of the other resort guests) down the hill to the town to eat dinner out. The first night we enjoyed dinner at a pizza joint called “Secret Stash” then enjoyed a walk around the small downtown.

Tuesday morning, it was time to ski! Compared to all of our other days of skiing on our day trips, it was quite relaxing to not have to wake up until 8am to be on the slopes by 9am…ish. We had to still trade our military vouchers in for the lift tickets, as well as go over the “Outpost” ski storage right by the lifts to pick up our skis that the hotel concierge had arranged to go from the hotel the day before. Boy was that nice, by the way!

It was so much fun skiing with the boys! They did great on the first day, with good weather and great ski conditions, I couldn’t ask for anything more!

After spending the morning on numerous green trails, we started venturing into the intermediate trails after lunch at our room.

On one of the last runs of the day, we stopped at the bar partway down the mountain. Since it’s the end of the season, we caught the remnants of the “Ice Bar”. The boys couldn’t stop cleaving sheets of ice off.

IMG_8744 IMG_8750 At the top of the Red Lady lift, there are plenty of green trails to choose from. This was Jacob's The view from the

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