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Planning a Family Ski Trip to Vermont

Heading to Stowe with our friends.One of the benefits of living in a mountain town is that we can pick and choose our ski days. To be honest, it’s pretty rare for our family to spend a full day on the hill. We typically head up for a few runs early in the morning when the snow is fresh and crowds are low, or put the boys into their snowboard program so they can ride with friends and coaches. We invest pretty heavily in our home mountain for this luxury, so taking a family ski trip to another Vermont mountain hasn’t really been in the cards. But this year, I’ve been working with the folks at Ski Vermont to launch All Mountain Mamas, a parent-to-parent blog that on the Ski Vermont website that offers families an honest review of the mountains, and have had the opportunity to be a tourist in my home state.

In the past few weeks, we have visited Killington and Mount Snow (both trips are reviewed on the All Mountain Mamas blog, along with reviews from the other All Mountain Mamas on different ski resorts in Vermont). Being on vacation in my home state opened my eyes to the challenges that a newcomer to Vermont’s ski scene might encounter when planning a trip, and so this post is to offer up some tips and resources of planning a family ski vacation to Vermont.

Planning Your Trip

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