Winter Tourism in Nebraska

Indian Summer (Winter)

Just another reason Nebraska is so great….Monday it was 69 degrees in Omaha. Brent and I walked to pick up our little one from daycare (weiner dog in tow). Then we grilled steaks outside. The steaks were Nebraska raised of course (from my friend Amy’s family farm)! It has been unseasonably warm this winter but I will take it. It makes up for all those years of frostbite.

Monday was also a great day because I received my 2012 Nebraska Tourism guide in the mail!! It really makes Nebraska seem sexy.

Tuesday was equally exciting. We grilled hamburgers (also Nebraska raised) and Deuce almost caught a rabbit. Somehow the poor rabbit got caught in gate. Luckily, Brent saved the day and cut the gate so the rabbit could escape without being eaten by our deadly 8 pound wiener dog.

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