Winter Tourism Montreal

International Tourism and Travel Show Montreal 2013

International Tourism and Travel Show

October 25-27, 2013

This year's 25th edition of the is a showcase for the newest and hottest trends in the travel industry. The three day annual event is once again held at the Montreal's Place Bonaventure exhibition hall.

This exhibition represents is a meeting place of the professionals in the travel domain. It also helps the visitors to launch their vacation and travel plans just before the onset of the harsh Canadian winter. There are plenty warm and even hot destination featured at this show, presenting a veritable winter getaway opportunity.

The Caribbean region has a strong presence as seen in the two pictures above - Cuba on the left and Haiti on the right.

The Middle-Eastern countries are also in the forefront with the attractive travel destinations. Egypt kiosk had even dazzled the show's attendees today with the sumptuous plates of the traditional food along with the sweetened hibiscus tea.
This year Air Transat is showcasing its comfortable airplane seats. The show also offers an opportunity to purchase needed travel accessories like suitcases, knapsacks and various travel bags bags, ranging from large to small.
On a large stage, at the far side of the hall, one can see traditional dances from many travel destinations represented by various kiosks in the show. In addition, there is an area with exotic animals and birds, which also seems to put people into the mood of starting to plan their winter and future trips.
Since the picture taking has become an indispensable part of the modern travel, as we all with to preserve the memories of our trips, a large section in the exhibition is allocated to the photo equipment and accessories.
Next to the photo equipment is located a travel photo exhibition. Many pictures are remarkable, meriting a close attention.
There are 100 countries represented in this show with 400 different kiosks. It is a truly international exhibition not to be missed if you are planning a trip, or simply would like to learn about different countries and cultures on our planet.
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