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Why My Family Loves to Ski Crystal Mountain, Washington

learn to ski crystal mountain washingtonA Brave Ski Mom Interview with Brian Hopper, a Brave Ski dad and a Crystal Mountain native son.

If you could only ski at one resort this season with your family, which resort would you choose?

Well seeming that we usually only go to one or two resorts that is an easy choice.

We live in the greater Seattle area so our choice would have to be which is about an hours drive from where we live.

Why Crystal Mountain?

Crystal Mountain is our family’s favorite resort because they not only have free skiing for kids under three but lift tickets are only five dollars for kids ( up to age 10). They also offer a beginner chair only lift ticket which is greatly reduced in price from the average day ticket. This is a nice convenience for families who are spending most of their time on the beginner slope.

brave ski mom logoWhat makes Crystal Mountain especially good for families?

One of the best amenities that Crystal Mountain has to offer for a family, besides the reduced rate lift tickets, is the learning center area located right at the base lodge.

This learning center area has a magic carpet…..which our three-year-old was finally able to do by herself last season! And for some reason our eight-year-old still is having a blast going on the magic carpet up and down while he waits for his little sister. Did I mention they are inseparable?

One of the other features of the learning center at resort is a merry-go-round type feature.

brian hopper and kids crystal mountain washingtonKids grab onto arms that rotate around with an operator standing nearby and it goes in a circle just like a merry-go-round. The kids just love it!

What would make Crystal Mountain even better?

One thing that needs to be improved at Crystal Mountain is their seating area for brown bag baggers. You know, the folks who bring their own food.

On weekends the resort is quite popular and around lunchtime grabbing a table can be hard so we usually choose to eat our lunch at 11:30 instead of noon.brian hopper crystal mountain washington Although, you should know, Crystal Mountain resort listens and values feedback from their guests ! Last season I learned that the resort plans to remodel the day lodge and the amount of seating is going to dramatically increase in size. Yeah!

Any advice for families planning to visit Crystal Mountain?

Well my advice to any family that skis with kids no matter at which resort is:

Be prepared to be patient! Kids like to be babied when they’re skiing. I always bring lots of fruit snacks, hot chocolate packets and their favorite lunch.

The other bit of advice that I would give to other families specifically going to Crystal is if you are renting gear make sure to get there early to avoid any line in the rental shop.

The rental shop has been remodeled and the new system in place dramatically reduced previous lines of the past, but you can’t go wrong by getting there early. I would suggest to take an early lunch like I mentioned earlier, but really Crystal has very good food so if you want to limit your workload don’t even bring a lunch and just buy lunch from the cafeteria. You can’t go wrong with french fries to keep the smiles on the kids faces.

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