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The Longshore Flight and IN Dunes Tourism

The recent Outdoor Indiana is helping to promote dunes area birding.The best birds of the day were not neo-tropical migrants, but a taste of the fall finch invasion of last November. Our counter, Brendan, found 3 Evening Grosbeaks visiting a feeder in Beverly Shores. This feeder station, at the intersection of Idler and St. Clair also hosted Western Tanager a few years back. It’s a good luck station. Given the north winds tomorrow, they may stick for birders wanting to see them… again.

On Tuesday, April 23, a group of local birders will be meeting together with Indiana Dunes Tourism. The Porter County Tourism, or Indiana Dunes Tourism, is one of the most successful local, county tourisms in the state. Our tourism agency is recognizing the value of bird eco-tourism. They no doubt want a piece of that pie. It’s also good business for birders. Any birder familiar with the Patagonia Effect knows that having other good birders in the area only leads to more and more birds to be seen or chased.

What needs done to further promote the area for birding? Our longshore flight is re-enforcing what we already know; the Indiana dunes are the best birding site in Indiana and arguably among the top three birding sites in the Great Lakes. If you have ideas, let us know before Tuesday. We’ll share what others tell us at the upcoming meeting.

We already have several great resources. We have great birding locations, great birds to be seen in all the seasons, a growing enthusiasm for birding in the area, and an already healthy base of expert, local birders who live here. The most noted is Ken Brock, whose book and CD series is a standard for any dunes area birder’s bookshelf. In here, there is much more info than just ID of birds. Here, you can find out when and where to find birds in the Dunes. Check high counts, early arrival dates, it’s got a wealth of dunes birding info. Want to know when the orioles or hummingbirds come back… check the guide. Here, thousands of bird records are put through the statistical wringer and set out for us to enjoy.

Brock's Birds of Indiana Dunes. A great resource, whether in the book form or revised CD format. penny water
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