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Vienna Tourism in Austria

vienna sausageViennaIs Austria’s largest town and as a center of culture, economy and politics with a population of around 1, 782 million in the metropolitan area. The city is one of the nine States in Austria. The city is located in the East of Austria and is close to the border of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. These parts work together in the border region of Europe Centrope. Along with the nearby Bratislava, Vienna formed the metropolitan area with 3 million inhabitants. In 2001, the city center was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The capital of the Empire of Austria Hungary.Vienna Park It is also known to play an important role as a leading center of European music, the historic center of Vienna is rich in architectural ensembles, and including the baroque palace and garden, as well as late 19th century Ringstrasse is lined with imposing buildings, monuments and parks. In 2005, this town has become the world’s number one destination for International Congresses and conventions.vienna austria The city attracts about 5 million tourists a year.

Vienna ranked first globally for a culture of innovation in 2007 and 2008, and the fifth globally from 256 in 2011, which analyzed 162 includes three indicators with the cultural area, infrastructure and markets. The city regularly organizes conferences and urban planning are often used as case studies by urban planners. a 2005 study, 127 world cities, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked the first city in the tie with Vancouver, Canada and for the world’s most livable cities in the survey in 2012, 140 city was ranked number two, behind Melbourne.Vienna Wallpaper For four consecutive years from 2009 to 2012, ranks fourth on the list of the top 25 cities in the world. Every day, many travelers who come here. Because of the beauty of the city. Hotels here are also filled with tourists because here at the hotel complete with facilities suitable for your vacation. If you want to find and eat here there is also a very good restaurant with traditional cuisine. You do not hesitate to come back here. Because of this winter’s very well suited this place. Good luck to come here. And this place is perfect for your family vacation. ?

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