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Top 4 Ski Resorts Best for Early Skiing


Top 4 Ski Resorts Best for Early Skiing

Now that the winter is approaching, it’s time to dust off your snowboarding and skiing gear and prepare to conquer the slopes of Europe. Last year, over 30% of all brits went on skiing holiday during the winter. But, if you can’t wait for the proper arrival of winter, there are some incredible early –before Christmas- skiing resorts available for you to conquer.

Skiing during the early season isn’t just about the thrill of having fewer people on the slopes –although if I said it wasn’t a major perk, I’d be lying- it’s also about the lower prices for access to excellent ski facilities, chalets and slopes. If you’re a ski junkie like me and want to take advantage of the pre-season, you can go to one or more of the following resorts.

Hintertux in Austria

Tignes-France-Ski-Accommodation-BlogOut of the Alpine glaciers, the Hintertux resort boasts of the steepest ski face. This is why many top ski racing teams come in the autumn every year. The thrill of watching the teams tackle the steep face of the pistes and even racing with them –as part of your training of course- is indescribable. This resort is great for tough and determined freestyle skiers and those who prefer skiing at incredible speeds. Beginners or intermediates who need training and want to improve on their ski techniques can either join the Austrian or British training camp on site.

Tignes in France

If you’re looking to hone and perfect your technique before the winter sets in proper, Tignes is the place to be this November. Compared to Hintertux, Tignes’ slopes are quite gentle and easy to ski on. Skiers looking to train more will definitely find English speaking training camps on site.Obergurgl-in-Winter-Ski-Accommodation Prepare to ski the Double M piste if the weather conditions allow it during the early season.

Obergurgl in Austria

Located close to the border between Italy and Austria, Obergurgl is one of those ski resorts in western Austria that opens ahead of other ski resorts in Austria. This is possible because of its located in the Alps between the Hochgurgl and Obergurgl villages. As a non-glacier resort, skiers can expect to enjoy the snow from the middle of November –natural snow or not- as the resort owns its own snow making machine. However, intermediate skiers who are eager to get to this early resort, will do well to wait until there’s a definite forecast or evidence of snow here.

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