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Winter Activities in St

IMG_1103If your travels take you to St. John’s in the winter then prepare to be surprised. The city offers an array of options to explore the outdoors, enjoy the dramatic coastline or take in a game of one of Canada’s favourite winter sports– AHL hockey. You should plan on arriving early and staying late!

North Atlantic Ziplines is an Eco Adventure Tourism business that offers visitors an exhilarating adventure opportunity. You would assume that adventure seekers likely try ziplining in the spring and summer months but, North Atlantic Ziplines operates in Petty Harbour all year round and in all weather conditions.

The wind in your ears, the cool air, the spectacular view. The Atlantic Ocean as far as you can see, the rugged coastlines, a quaint fishing village. There is beauty from all angles, and you’re flying! What a rush. It’s the longest zipline course in Canada, so when on the line, you have time to think, look around and take it all in.1146463_10152114705021335_761468342_n And trust me, you’ve never seen eastern Newfoundland this way before.

A tour has 10 lines and will take approximately 2 and a half hours to complete. Each tour can take 15 people at a time. It’s an amazing experience to do with friends, family, or with your corporate group for some fun, team-building experiences.

Bannerman Park is the oldest and most historic park in the province and is currently undergoing a major revitalization plan. Included in the plan is a new pool house, a splash pad, a new playground, a Garden of Memories and a new pavilion. Encircling the new pavilion is an ice skating ring, new to the park and unique in both its presence in the city and its design.

An ingenious loop for an uncommon outdoor skating skating experience; many a winter’s day will be spent skating in lazy circles with friends and family on this one-of-a kind skating surface featuring a state of the art underground refrigeration system. In the warmer months, in-line skating and cycling will be the order of the day.

Pippy Park is one of Canada’s great urban parks. The centrepiece of St. John’s parklands, Pippy Park is a 3, 400 acre land reserve, and a nature conservation and recreation area within minutes of the downtown core. A wide mantle of green at the northern boundary of St. John’s, Pippy Park offers an oasis of tranquility, spectacular views of the city, and year-round recreational opportunities.

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